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April 9, 2003

Woodinville 4, Eastlake 3

The winning streak is over. Eastlake had not lost a game since 2001 until today when Woodinville defeated the Wolves 4 - 3 in six innings. The game ended on a controversial call when the umpire called the runner on second base out for obstructing the shortstop and the batter running to first out on an assumed good throw by the shortstop. That phantom double play ended the Eastlake rally and brought Coach Hulet out of the dugout to have a discussion with the home plate ump. When it was all over, the umpire was waving his right arm toward the sky telling Coach Hulet he was out of the game. The ump walked to the Eastlake dugout, saw no coach in the dugout, and declared Eastlake had to forfeit the game. Coach Hulet said it was the first time he had ever been thrown out of a game.

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Ryan Johns waits for the pitch.