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Booster Club and Team Information


Eastlake Baseball Booster Club

In its 11 years of existence, the Eastlake Baseball Booster Club has worked to fulfill 3 major objectives:

1. To provide support for player training and equipment
2. To provide resources to improve Eastlake’s baseball facility
3. To publicize and promote the sport of baseball and the Eastlake Baseball Program

To achieve these objectives, the Baseball Booster Club draws on the energy, interest and expertise of its membership to raise funds, maintain and improve the baseball field and facilities, and organize publicity materials and outreach events in the community. The Club is made up of parents of past, present and future Eastlake baseball players. It is important to note that past members of the Baseball Booster Club continue to assist the Club and the Eastlake Baseball Program long after their sons have graduated from Eastlake, signifying the importance of the Club’s work to the Baseball Program.

Examples of activities and projects sponsored by the Baseball Booster Club include:

  • Conducting baseball clinics for Eastlake Little League

  • Construction of a bull pen for Eastlake field

  • Construction of a 55’ high net and pole assembly to block foul balls

  • Routine maintenance on the field and associated structures

  • Sponsorship of car washes and raffles to raise money for field improvements and equipment

  • Sponsorship of fall ball and winter conditioning workouts for prospective Eastlake players

  • Cookouts and breakfasts for Eastlake Baseball players and families

  • Acquisition and sale of Eastlake Baseball player apparel

  • Creation of this website

  • Development of an annual Eastlake Baseball Media Guide for fans, scouts and the press.

  • Purchase of new uniforms

  • Construction of covered batting cages at the Eastlake High baseball field