Pictures from our Vacation to Greece - 2002

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Pictures of Athens

The Acropolis at Night

The Acropolis from our hotel room.

The Acropolis at night

Picture taken from the walkway to the Acropolis.

Picture taken from the walkway to the Acropolis.

Lykabettus Hill

Our hotel was on Lykabettus Hill. This picture was taken from the Acropolis.

Greek Flag on the Acropolis

The Parthenon

The Agora and Temple

This is a picture of the Ancient Agora and a temple from the Acropolis.

On the Acropolis

Lykabettus Hill

The view up the hill from our hotel.

The Acropolis

The view from our hotel.

Outdoor theater

This outdoor theater was right next to our hotel. We watched Men in Black II with Greek subtitles there.

Temple near the Acropolis

Ancient Agora

Hill by the Acropolis



A picture of the Parthenon from the smaller temple.

Parthenon in the Distance

Ancient Agora

Shopping area

Shopping Area

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